Message from MD


For the past 25 and more years Deccan has been proud to bring our customers close to their dreams and provide them with a place to call Home. This has been possible by the hard work and dedication of many of our employees who shared our passion for excellence.

With experience, knowledge and commitment we have been a sustained name in the Industry and with genuine care and thought to our environment we have given our best to make this world a better place and one that’s worthy of our children’s lives.Our combined approach allows us to not only hire the best and the brightest but also retain the talented and committed team which forms the backbone of our company .

We are very happy about the way we have successfully carried our ideas and ideologies with the help of our staff and our customers. From here on great things awaits us and every step along the way will be truly momentous. Let’s carry forward on this journey of countless possibilities together and make this world one that’s worth living.

Nirmal Anraj Gadhiya