Great organisations have great leaders. Deccan is an important organisations in Real Estate and Hospitality today . This is possible because of the vision of Our Founding Chairman Late Shri.H.Anraj who took bold decisions and was ready to take steps in directions not travelled before. He has set before us a map to a journey that is going to be both exciting and exhilarating.

Late Shri. H. Anraj was the Founder of Deccan Agency and the spearhead who has championed our cause through the years. With indepth knowledge in diversified fields from property development, Raffles industry, Imports and Exports, Estate, Farm Development, Financial Services and Software, He was the “Chanakya” who has guided us through the years.

On his lighter side he was a philanthropist with a vibrant personality who is ever so ready to serve the society that we live in. He was the Chairman of Terepanth Educational & Medical Trust, The Deccan Charitable Trust and was also the trustee of Jain Vishwa Bharthi, Rajasthan. We continue to champion his cause for the destitute and needy through our Deccan Anraj Foundation.